Josélito Tirados is a consultant in digital customer relations and development. In this interview, he presents his job as an e-CRM Project Manager and explains to us why he decided to exercise it under the self-employed status “portage salarial” at ITG.

Josélito Tirados : consultant e-CRM

Can you describe your job as an e-CRM consultant? How long have you been doing this?

My role is to accompany my clients in their move towards the digitalisation of certain aspects of their business, in particular customer relations and development.

I’ve been in the world of customer relations and development for more than 20 years now. In summary, trade in B2B as well as employee, entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

I am, however, a baby in consulting, having decided to launch my consulting activity in 2014.

See job description: e-CRM project manager

What is your field of study? And what was your journey to become an e-CRM Project Manager?

I’m very impatient and I couldn’t wait 5 long years after finishing school to start working, so I started immediately just after passing my Baccalaureat exam.

I was, however, lucky enough to work in large groups. I therefore acquired working methods through internal training, via the CNAM. I also did self-study work to complete and enrich my field of experience.

In terms of business development, I was able to understand many methods: from door to door to ultra-targeted prospecting using powerful tools in the context of big accounts.

Concerning customer relations, I had the honor of accompanying the strategic customers of a telephone operator on the one hand and, on the other, serving – to the best of my ability and with limited means – the customers of a small software publisher.

In which industries are your customers?

Telecom, cosmetics, real estate. I made the choice not to evolve in just one single sector in order to keep a certain agility and not to form old habits.

It requires a lot more work and energy but this is also what allows me to provide my clients with unconventional answers.

How do you see the management of e-CRM projects in 5 years?

We live in an increasingly VUCA environment as the Anglo Saxons say (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and my role is to support business leaders in this world, to help them gain agility.

In 5 years, my job will be just as exciting as it is today because even as technology advances, we humans remain human and we’re all the better for it.

It would be interesting to ask your hairdresser the question.

Why did you choose the self-employed “portage salarial” status and what are the advantages for your profession?

Currently I am self-employed under the “portage salarial” status. I could have chosen the status of a freelance “auto-entrepreneur” or even “profession libérale”.

I find that the status of “auto-entrepreneur” is fragile. The rules of the game change constantly and I find it unsettling for clients.

As for the “profession libérale” … I didn’t want to make my life complicated and waste time given the turnover that I am generating, for the time being, since I am just starting out.

So in terms of advantage, I would say that the self-employed “portage salarial” status brings credibility for clients, simplicity in my organization and a considerable amount of time saved given that the time I spend accounting doesn’t exceed a half day per month.

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