It is an appropriate solution for businesses of any size who want to bring in external expertise: the consultant carries out their assignment for you under their own steam. The consultant is employed by an umbrella company, which practises wage portage. This system has many advantages for managing your service providers.


A flexible system, simple to set up

Wage portage is ideal for companies working in project mode, and who regularly need experts to support them. The wage portage system for companies can be activated within 48 hours and the process for setting it up is very simple.


schema : mise en place du portage salarial B2B


Control the payroll

You add to your team without increasing your payroll. A consultant using wage portage, as a service provider, does not come into your headcount. This allows you to strengthen your skills during a period of economic uncertainty or when your recruitment capacity is limited.


Control costs

You cut the cost connected with an external service: an umbrella company receives a much lower margin than other service providers like Digital Services Companies or temporary staff (usually between 15 and 30%). You negotiate fees with your consultants directly, and we support you in your procedures, so that your interests coincide with those of your consultants.

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