As Europe’s largest economy, Germany is a destination of choice for workers who want to take on wage portage assignments. High salaries, competitive companies, a remarkable social model… the conditions on the other side of the Rhine are ideal for working as a ported consultant or launching an independent business. This guide explains the advantages and characteristics of the German wage portage market. 

Everything you need to know about finding a job in Germany 

Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich… moving to Germany opens up real opportunities for professionals who want to give their careers a new boost. It must be noted that this country, with its highly diversified economy, is performing remarkably well. Germany leads the EU in the automotive, chemicals and electronics industries.

Germany is also one of the few countries in the world to have withstood repeated employment crises. While neighboring France and Spain were experiencing record unemployment rates, Goethe’s homeland managed to stay below 5% or even 4% unemployment. These are just some of the advantages available to workers, especially for self-employed entrepreneurs.

However, working in Germany as a self-employed person means first and foremost understanding the local work culture and how Germans relate to their work. Punctuality, efficiency, productivity and discipline are the hallmarks of the German worker, and foreigners need to live up to this approach to work.

German employers also require foreign employees to have a minimum command of the language to communicate and understand instructions. The minimum hourly wage is around 10.40 euros, which is above the European average.

Is it possible to work on a wage portage basis in Germany?

Unlike France, where wage portage is governed by the French Labor Code, Germany and Austria do not yet have a clear legal framework for this activity. The system that comes closest is that of self-employed engineers. That does not mean that wage portage isn’t a good idea: many German companies use independent experts for critical assignments where labor is in short supply.

Whether in Germany or elsewhere, wage portage is a practical, secure solution for expatriate consultants. By teaming up with a wage portage company, consultants benefit from customized support to « navigate » a foreign market, and learn about its specific features and risks.

Wage portage is also synonymous with flexibility and autonomy, because ported consultants choose their assignments, set their fees and are free to organize their working hours.