ITG, security from a leader

A pioneer and advocate since 1996, ITG is the leading wage portage company in France, with over 15,000 consultants who have already placed their trust in us. By offering a wide range of services dedicated to independent consultants, we have developed a comprehensive offering that is much more than just billing for assignments. Our goal is to help you succeed!

We are a member of the Freeland Group, which is committed to promoting the idea that working independently is a way to achieve success and fulfillment. And to promoting the idea that all public and economic players must finally take independent work into consideration. Our shared mission: to work together to make independent work a success and to transform the usual obstacle course for independent workers into a path for growth!

With a wide range of services dedicated to independent consultants, our Group has developed a comprehensive offering to understand and meet all the needs of independent professionals.

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Headed by Patrick Levy-Waitz and Hubert Camus, the Freeland Group is France’s leading freelance administration company. The group includes several generalist brands, such as ITG, and sector-specific brands, such as FCI Immobilier and Freeland relies on a hybrid digital and human model to support and protect its freelancers.
Today, the group supports a community of over 375,000 freelancers in France and abroad. It has partnerships with over 3,000 companies in all business sectors.