International wage portage is the ideal solution for working abroad on an assignment basis, either on a regular or longer-term basis for a client abroad.

ITG, the leader in wage portage, offers you the ideal solution for your assignments in France and abroad. With over 25 years of experience, ITG has already invoiced over 5,000 corporate customers abroad.

How does international wage portage work?

How does international wage portage work

International wage portage

International wage portage is designed for people who wish to work on international projects. The Employer of Record (EOR) handles all invoicing and collections from the client, draws up an employment contract and signs a service contract with the client. Wage portage is a simple and secure way to work abroad.

As soon as you are seconded outside France, you will encounter various administrative constraints relating to tax and social benefits. You need to take all these factors into account in order to negotiate your billing package.

ITG has put all its professional experience at the service of the specific requirements of international assignments. We offer you a proven wage portage formula, supported by specialized partners. With us, you’ll be in the best possible position to carry out your assignment abroad.

ITG services for your assignments abroad

ITG takes care of all the administrative management, with services that meet the needs of seconded workers:

  • Setting up an employment contract
  • Management of invoicing and collection from your client (beware of exchange fees)
  • Salary payments
  • Management and reimbursement of assignment-related expenses, either on an actual basis or according to the flat-rate scale established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (per diem).
  • Declarations to the various funds
  • Compliance with the recommendations of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depending on the host country
  • Handling of files in French or English
  • Professional liability (which also covers assignments in the United States and Canada)

Repatriation insurance

ITG also allows you to benefit from its network of 4,000 consultants in France and abroad to create synergies and to make contacts in many countries. It’s a way to feel less isolated and to expand your network to find new opportunities for international assignments. What’s more, through our partners, we have contacts in more than 50 countries so we can meet your needs as effectively as possible.

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The answers to all your questions about international wage portage

To take things a step further, we’ve put together a FAQ to help answer all your questions about international wage portage.

Are you a consultant in France who wants to develop your business abroad?

Have you thought of everything before you leave? As part of your secondment, ITG will advise you on the various issues to take into account when negotiating your package:

  • Thanks to ITG’s network of 4,000 consultants, you can meet people and create synergies in many countries.
  • Your commercial portage contract with businesses in foreign countries is covered by professional civil liability insurance, which also includes the United States and Canada.
  • ITG offers training courses to help you with your positioning and your development strategy.
  • ITG provides commercial contracts and presentation documents in English.
  • A dedicated English-speaking contact person is available to answer any questions your clients may have.
  • When your service is negotiated and paid for in a foreign currency, ITG handles all foreign exchange transactions.

Do you have occasional assignments abroad?

There are two possible scenarios:

You will be working in a European Union country:

If you are already an ITG consultant, all you need to do is inform your consultant relations advisor of the location of your assignment and your residence, and your departure and return dates.

ITG also provides you with form E101, the « Determination of Applicable Legislation, » which may be requested by the client company. This indicates the social security legislation which applies to you, and confirms that you do not have to pay social security contributions in the country where you will be working as a seconded employee.

You must also have repatriation insurance.

You will be working outside the European Union:

For assignments outside the European Union, you must have personal accident and repatriation insurance. That’s why ITG offers you the « Assignment One Pass, » negotiated with Europ Assistance. It covers you regardless of your situation, so you can concentrate on your assignment.

ITG also offers you the services of a partner who can help you obtain a visa and a passport for your business trip.

Are you on a long-term assignment abroad?

ITG advises you right from the negotiation phase of your assignment, so you can set up the most favorable conditions for your assignment and explore possible optimizations (such as Prime Secondment).

We will support you during your entire time abroad and offer you services that meet your specific needs.

Secondment for your trips abroad?

Consultants who want to carry out one or more assignments abroad are seconded to the host country as part of their assignment.

Designed for short periods, the secondment contract requires a specific endorsement, known as a secondment. This contract may not exceed 36 months for any one assignment, as set out in the collective agreement on wage portage.

Consultants retain their social protection under the French system and benefit from social security, pension insurance and unemployment insurance. ITG verifies the existence of a bilateral social security agreement with the host country. If they meet certain conditions, seconded employees can benefit from a partial tax exemption (Prime Secondment).

Things to consider before working abroad

Have you thought of everything before you leave? If you are being seconded, ITG will advise you on the various issues to take into account when negotiating your package:

  • Immigration procedures: in some countries, you must apply for a resident visa. The client company can make this process easier for you.
  • Social protection: you may be able to contribute to a « special secondment » health insurance plan. ITG will study your case and recommend the most appropriate solution.
  • Retirement contributions: your wages are paid by your employer, the EOR, and you receive the benefits acquired through your contributions. Taxation: exemption is possible under certain conditions and subject to the existence of a bilateral agreement = Employees who are seconded abroad by their employer and who retain their tax residency in France while on secondment for the EOR benefit from special taxation rules (total or partial exemption from taxes on their wages) under certain conditions and limits set out in Article 81-A of the French General Tax Code (CGI).
  • Family: depending on your situation.
  • Security: registration with the Ariane portal and the Register of French Nationals Living Abroad, and verification of the level of risk in your host country.
  • Accommodations: depending on the country and agreements made with your client.
  • Relocation: a relocation package can be negotiated with the client.

Why does wage portage appeal to international project consultants?

If you’re planning to work on an assignment abroad, you’ll need to take into account several administrative constraints and factors such as tax and social benefits, so that you can negotiate your invoicing package accordingly. That’s why ITG attaches special importance to international assignments, and offers a customized wage portage package that can be used when working for French or foreign clients, whether your assignment takes place partially in France or partially abroad.

Advantages for ported consultants:

International wage portage allows you to benefit from all the advantages of wage portage, including streamlined management and personalized support, to ensure the success of your assignment abroad. You keep the same employer – ITG – and maintain the same status – employee – regardless of the origin of the client or the location of the assignment. During your international secondment, you retain all the social protection provided under French law (retirement, social security, health insurance, life insurance, unemployment benefits, etc.). However, depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a total or partial income tax exemption in France (Article 81-A of the CGI).

Advantages for the client:

By opting for wage portage, you offer your client a simple and secure solution, enabling your client to work with a seconded expert, without having to manage recruitment.

This fluidity is much appreciated by companies, because all they need to do is sign a purchase order and pay the invoices for the work that you do. Large international groups and SMEs can benefit from this ease of implementation. Because they are confident in ITG’s reputation and reliability, these companies can trust you to help them achieve their goals.

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