Since 1996, ITG’s teams have been made up of men and women from the consulting and training professions. With the regular input of our consultants, we have developed an organization, tools and services that are recognized as unique in the industry.

Wage portage by ITG

« ITG is committed to offering you transparency: quality services and management, reliability, guarantees, advice and much more. »

Patrick Levy-Waitz

Chairman, ITG

Whether you’re a consultant or an expert, you can benefit from the experience we have acquired over the years to:

  • Discover and come to grips with your new professional activity
  • Leverage our expertise to develop your client portfolio
  • Secure and optimize your income
  • Access our concierge services to make your day-to-day work easier
  • Develop your professional skills

Discover all the advantages that make ITG the undisputed French leader in wage portage.

1. Save time

Devote 100% of your time to your business

By choosing wage portage, you don’t have to worry about the administrative side of setting up your own business. We take care of everything, so you can save time and concentrate on your core business. We do a lot more than just invoicing!

If you already have an assignment, ITG takes care of everything, and you can start working just 24 hours after contacting us.

ITG takes it even further, with the most comprehensive range of services dedicated to simplifying the lives of independent professionals, such as a mobile app for your online declarations, personalized help and advice, business cards, coworking, financial advantages and more. Take advantage of our financial optimization services to boost your income!

Less paperwork = more time to work on your assignments = more pay!

Focus on your talent, let ITG take care of the rest!

2. 100% security

We have €5.1 million in the bank to guarantee your wages.

When you choose ITG, you’re joining a solid company that has been recognized for its professionalism for over 20 years. ITG offers the best financial security and guarantees on the market.

When you choose wage portage to run your business, you’re opting for the security of salaried employee status, while remaining autonomous.

You work on your assignments and build up your own client base, just like any self-employed person, and you enjoy the same social benefits that conventional employees have. You are covered by social security, and contribute to pension plans and health and unemployment insurance. This comprehensive protection allows you to test your business without taking the personal risks associated with entrepreneurship.

ITG guarantees you a standard salary from your first day on the job. This means that you are guaranteed to be paid a salary from the first month you start working, even if your client hasn’t yet paid their invoice.

With ITG, you are 100% secure, legally and financially: liability insurance with the best guarantees, highly advantageous mutual insurance, unrivaled financial security and more. When you entrust your money to us, you can rest easy!

3. Find assignments

ITG signs 12,000 service contracts every year

Benefit from ITG’s experience and network built up over more than 20 years to help you land your assignments.

Whether you’re an experienced consultant or just starting, ITG puts you in the best possible position for finding new assignments. Our shared goal is to boost your sales and increase your salary as a consultant working on a wage portage basis.

Our consultants have priority access to our partners’ job offers, so they can stay one step ahead of the competition. We help you respond to calls for tender to maximize your chances of getting new assignments.

We are already referenced and recognized by some of the world’s largest companies (80% of CAC 40 companies), which lends credibility to your professional profile and simplifies your access to key accounts. These are companies that constantly need external resources, but are difficult for freelancers to access on their own.

With ITG, you will also benefit from our trainer number and a wide range of industry accreditations, thus saving you time and effort, and opening up new business opportunities.

Our training courses and workshops will teach you the right methods, and the meetings between consultants organized by ITG are opportunities to expand your network and create new opportunities for assignments.

4. Access to training

You have the right to training, which is a major advantage of wage portage over other forms of independent employment. At ITG, you benefit from the most comprehensive and competitive training on the market, dedicated to helping consultants develop and sustain their business.

We offer group training courses in business development, so you can acquire the right methods and tools. We also offer workshops on how to search for assignments, so you can benefit from learning together as a group, and e-learning modules, so you can improve your skills by taking remote courses.

Take part in our free « marketing event » to get a diagnosis of your situation and a proposal for a customized training plan. Then take advantage of the training we offer as soon as you sign your first wage portage contract.

5. Work autonomously, while receiving support

95% recommendation rate

ITG has built its leadership position mainly on word-of-mouth recommendations. The satisfaction of our consultants is our daily priority and our greatest source of pride.

At ITG, we attach great importance to offering personalized support to our consultants. Rely on the assurance of a dedicated contact person who is an expert in your field and can respond to your requests in less than 24 hours! Benefit from our concierge services, for a guaranteed answer to all your needs at any time!

Join our network of 4,000 active consultants. We regularly organize workshops, group training courses and networking events in Paris and the surrounding regions, to create even more opportunities for synergies between consultants.

When you join ITG, you can enjoy your life as a freelance consultant without ever being alone!