ITG is ISO 9001 certified. What does this certification mean, and why can ITG consultants be happy about it too?

What is ISO 9001 certification?

our labelsISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements for an organization’s quality management system. To obtain this certification, a company must demonstrate its ability to consistently supply products and services that meet its clients’ requirements and meet the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are meant to apply to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides. The company must also be committed to continuously improving client satisfaction.

A guarantee of quality and continuous improvement for the best service

As France’s leading Employer of Record (EOR), Groupe ITG’s mission is to enable all those who wish to develop an independent professional activity to combine their autonomy and freedom with the guarantees necessary for their social protection, in a context of simplified administration.

That’s why we underwent ISO 9001: 2015 certification testing with Bureau Veritas and are now certified. This certification is proof that our process monitoring is even more deeply rooted in our DNA than before, and it is also the reward for our efforts to continuously improve our operating methods.

ITG’s commitments

We are firmly committed to developing new forms of employment. We have played a major role, and will continue to play an active part, in the introduction of regulations designed to adapt the working environment to social life. ITG takes its responsibilities very seriously, and ISO 9001 certification is just one example of this approach. We aim to base our leadership on the best response to the needs of our clients and partners. This is why, as part of our Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility approach, we have established the following main objectives:

  • To support our leadership through developing our partnerships with major groups and to expand our regional presence to provide our consultants with more secure access to these markets,
  • To improve our Quality of Service and the satisfaction of our consultants, by providing them with the personalized support they need to access the market and perform their services smoothly, especially by developing their skills,
  • To continue our commitment to corporate citizenship by investing in the development of new forms of employment,
  • To comply strictly with social and tax regulations relating to our portage activity,
  • To offer our consultants the best value for their money in our market.

We hope you will welcome this news with the same satisfaction that our employees have. Our ISO 9001 certification enables us to renew our sincere commitment to providing you with the best possible service.


label pepsThis label recognizes the most ethical wage portage companies on the market, which have made solid commitments to enable ported employees and their clients to operate in complete security.

ITG is certified by the PEPS Wage Portage Label

This label – awarded by PEPS, the leading professional wage portage association, and certified by the independent AFNOR Certification body – attests to the actions and measures taken by ITG in terms of legal and financial security, and the quality of services delivered to ported employees and their clients.

By choosing ITG as your portage company, you can be sure of working with a partner you can trust, one that respects the law, is transparent about its practices, and whose pay slips are guaranteed to contain no hidden expenses.

Wage portage with the PEPS Label

A legal guarantee

  • For ported employees

When you launch your consulting, freelance or independent business, you need to be able to concentrate on your clients and your business. An accredited wage portage company ensures that these activity are managed, that the legislation is complied with, and that deductions and remuneration are predictable.

  • For wage portage clients

By choosing a certified wage portage company, the client company is assured that the wage portage service is provided within a secure framework that complies with industry regulations.

ITG has been awarded the PEPS label. This label:

  • Ensures the compliance of all documents for employees and client companies, such as employment contracts, business service contracts, etc.
  • Ensures that the portage company informs its employees, in full transparency, of all deductions and that there are no hidden charges.
  • Provides proof of compliance with all regulations governing wage portage.

Financial security

  • For ported employees

The PEPS label guarantees that ITG is financially solid. We guarantee the financial commitments associated with managing your business (client invoicing, remuneration, financial and accounting management of your activities, etc.).

When you choose ITG, you are also choosing a reliable partner who will work with you in complete transparency.

The PEPS label awarded to ITG ensures that the management of your remuneration is transparent and that there are no hidden costs.

  • For wage portage client companies

Calling on an ITG ported employee allows you to make use of wage portage within a secure regulatory framework.

For this purpose, a service contract is drawn up with our portage company, specifying the content of the assignment, its timetable and pricing – the prices are negotiated in advance with the ported employee, so there are no surprises.

All you have to do is invoice the fees, and our wage portage company will take care of all the administrative and financial management of your ported employees.

ITG has been awarded the PEPS label. This label:

  • Guarantees that ported employees are informed of our range of services, options and the associated rates.
  • Provides proof of a financial guarantee of at least 10% of the previous year’s payroll, with proof of financial guarantees for the last two years.
  • Guarantees that ITG is in a position to present shareholders’ equity of €15,000 (in the first year of business) and a minimum of €30,000 from the second year onwards.
  • Ensures total transparency on all deductions charged to ported employees (employment contracts, wage portage agreements, pay slips, etc.).
  • Guarantees that there is a policy in place to manage and control justifiable business expenses.

Security for the future

  • For ported employees

By choosing ITG, you benefit from access to professional training to help you develop your business. For example, we implement specific initiatives, such as networking with other freelancers, to help you develop your professional network and your business activities.

  • For wage portage client companies

ITG verifies the qualifications and expertise of all its ported employees upstream, to guarantee that client companies receive a service that complies with the rules.

Therefore, you can be sure that you are working with people who are reliable and recognized experts in their fields, who are able to meet your skill requirements.

The PEPS label awared to ITG evaluates in particular:

  • Access to professional training through ITG for ported employees: information on the right to professional training, a catalog of training courses, training lists/agendas and other activities.
  • ITG’s participation in securing the professional career of ported employees through individual or collective initiatives, such as the promotion of networking, commercial development of their professional activities and more.

Security for quality

  • For ported employees

When you choose ITG, you’re opting for a wage portage company that is fully committed to quality and permanent satisfaction in the services it offers, in an ethical and transparent way.

  • For wage portage clients

Because of our quality approach, we are able to ensure the satisfaction our clients by regularly assessing the quality of the services we provide.

The satisfaction of our ported employees and their clients is one of our priorities, and we strive to continuously improve our practices.

The PEPS label awared to ITG evaluates in particular:

  • The quality of the services that ITG provides: the management of complaints from ported employees and clients.
  • The self-assessment reports which ITG publishes at least every 18 months.
  • The appointment of a « Quality Manager » or a « Quality Assurance Specialist » within ITG.

What is PEPS?

As the leading professional organization in the industry, the Wage Portage Employment Professional Association (PEPS) brings together companies of all sizes located throughout France and is dedicated exclusively to wage portage activities.

Created in 2012, PEPS now groups together the vast majority of wage portage companies.

How is the PEPS Label obtained and monitored?

To obtain the PEPS label, ITG provided evidence of its ongoing commitment to strict compliance with industry standards. Once the application was accepted, an audit was carried out by the independent AFNOR Certification body.

Does the PEPS wage portage label guarantee total transparency and zero hidden costs in wage portage?

Transparency is one of the criteria assessed by the PEPS wage portage label. By choosing ITG, you are assured that you are working with a partner who complies with the legal framework and the collective agreement on wage portage. The independent audit carried out by AFNOR Certification ensures the full transparency of management fees and the absence of hidden charges.

As a ported employee, why should you choose our PEPS-approved wage portage company?

The PEPS label is proof of our commitment to the protection of our ported employees and their clients, and to guaranteeing secure wage portage in compliance with the regulations and according to the code of ethics of the profession.

What is the advantage of this label for wage portage client companies?

This label is a reliable guarantee that you are contracting with a legally compliant wage portage company. The financial, legal and quality aspects of our portage company were checked during the certification process to ensure that our wage portage services are fully secure.

ITG and Ecovadis Gold Medal certification

ecovadisITG has obtained the Gold Ecovadis certification with a score of 71. Recognized worldwide, this certification reflects the quality of the CSR policy implemented in our management system and testifies to ITG’s sustainable corporate culture.

ITG is member of the UN Global Compact

ITG joined the United Nations Global Compact on March 10, 2023, which is proof of our sustainable and effective CSR commitment.