One of the advantages of wage portage is that you can work independently and earn a regular income at the same time. This form of employment is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world, attracting many professionals who want to work autonomously. Turkey offers a wealth of professional opportunities for those who want to move there and set up their own business.

The status of foreign workers in Turkey

Turkey is a welcoming country and offers many professional opportunities, but it also has specific rules concerning the status of foreign workers.

Depending on their situation, foreign workers must present a work visa or obtain a work permit for a temporary contract or a permanent contract (with a legal contract signed with the local employer), and a residence permit.

Please note that work permits are usually specific to the company employing you. If you resign, you will need to obtain another work permit from your new employer.

However, there are various ways of legally circumventing these « constraints, » including:

  • A work permit for key personnel;
  • An exceptional work permit;
  • A work permit exemption;
  • Or the Turkuaz Card.

It is best to check with the relevant authorities to find out the conditions you need to meet to be eligible for these documents.

Another option is to work independently or as a self-employed entrepreneur with an independent work permit.

For expatriates, this document can be obtained for:

  • Workers affiliated with a professional body;
  • Those who have been in the country for more than five years;
  • Those whose activities have contributed to the country’s economic growth and job market.

Wage portage is also an ideal alternative for expatriates who want to become self-employed entrepreneurs in Turkey.

Wage portage in Turkey: industries that are recruiting

The Turkish job market is still very large and full of interesting opportunities for professionals who want to move there and set up their own business.

Choosing wage portage will also enable you to « stabilize » your professional situation and income in the country.

There are several areas of activity which are considered to be the main providers of employment in the country and offer foreigners opportunities for assignments, such as:

  • Tourism and hotels: the country boasts a wealth of tourist attractions (historical heritage sites, natural sights and other destinations) which attract visitors from all over the world. The development of these two industries in Turkey over the last few decades has led to the creation of numerous jobs.
  • The health, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries: Turkish products enjoy a special position in Western markets. Job offers in these fields are admittedly fairly selective (they only hire the best candidates), but are plentiful for those seeking a salaried position or who want to take on consulting assignments.
  • Construction and public works: the country’s economic growth and sustained development have led to a strong demand for skills in the fields of housing construction, industrial structures, public infrastructure, and so on.
  • The automotive industry: Turkey’s automotive sector is steadily growing. The local and international market has been doing very well for several years. They are recruiting many skilled workers, as well as technicians and consultants. Companies in this industry readily hire candidates from other countries, provided that their skills match their needs.

The textile and clothing industry: Turkey is a preferred supplier for millions of clothing retailers and manufacturers. The quality/price ratio of the products made in the country is very advantageous. The high demand for workers and creative talent offers many attractive opportunities for young fashion enthusiasts.

In any case, if you’re planning to opt for wage portage to work in Turkey, it’s a good idea to find out in advance about the conditions and restrictions that apply. While wage portage is ideal for many independent professionals and consultants, each country usually has its own rules.

The advantages of wage portage in Turkey

Working as a ported employee in Turkey offers many advantages. New arrivals who opt for this status don’t need to go through a lot of administrative steps to start working. Portage companies take care of the administrative side of their business (drawing up and signing contracts with clients, invoicing, accounting managing mandatory payroll deductions, etc.).

Although they are considered « employees » of the portage company, ported workers are free to choose their assignments, agree with clients about the conditions under which the work will be done, and set their remuneration / fees.

At the same time, ported workers enjoy all the benefits of conventional salaried employment, such as vacations, social protection, etc. They receive a regular salary (net of all compulsory social security deductions and charges and portage fees).

Many Turkish portage companies also support their ported employees with advice, training and help in finding assignments that match their skills and expectations.

Meetings between members are also organized to encourage discussion and to avoid the isolation in which independent workers can sometimes find themselves.

Turkey is one of the countries where wage portage is gaining ground. The number of portage companies has grown considerably in recent years.

Nevertheless, we recommend choosing your portage company carefully, taking into account:

  • Seniority;
  • Reliability;
  • Reputation;
  • Conditions for working together;
  • And of course the portage fees and the type of support offered to ported employees.