More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to do business abroad. Spain is one of the destinations they choose. Investors who want to set up a portage company are also among the people moving to this country. These companies offer highly attractive career opportunities to employees undergoing retraining.

With a population of just over 47 million in 2021, according to the World Bank, Spain welcomed over 71 million tourists from all over the world in 2022. The country has a dynamic economy and offers numerous opportunities for investors and workers alike. Wage portage in Spain is an attractive solution for many expatriates. Expatriates can benefit from the many advantages offered by this special status. In particular, they enjoy a great deal of freedom in carrying out their assignments, and in choosing their clients and schedules. Ported employees also benefit from full social protection, just like conventional employees (monthly salary, paid vacations, unemployment benefits, etc.).

Spain, an attractive country for independent workers

Moving to a country like Spain is an attractive option. The country has a solid economy, and its gross domestic product grew by 5.5% in 2022. The homeland of Christopher Columbus owes its dynamism to tourism, and also to numerous international investments. More than 18,000 foreign companies are based in Spain, representing over 967,000 jobs.

Spain is also appreciated for its easygoing way of life. Foreign investors and workers enjoy a climate that is almost always warm. They also have the opportunity to enjoy the typical Mediterranean cuisine. There are plenty of onions, fruit and vegetables, as well as fish and poultry on the menu. Not only that, it’s easy to find comfortable accommodations in a quiet neighborhood. When integrating, expatriates do not encounter many obstacles. Learning Spanish is easy, especially for the French.

The quality of life and the professional opportunities attract many employees. Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of independent workers, along with:

  • Belgium;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Austria.

Many of these expatriates work in the crafts or in liberal professions. Still others have found their way into fields such as technology, marketing and IT.

People who want to work in Spain must have a proven professional background and a good command of the Spanish language.

Working conditions in Spain

The Adecco employment agency states that, in mid-2021, employees in Spain earned an average of €1,641 per month. According to this agency, this amount has fallen significantly since COVID-19. Working conditions are acceptable. Ported employees generally work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and:

  • Receive a remuneration that depends on their assignment;
  • Are entitled to days off and vacations;
  • Are reimbursed for medical care, etc.

Wage portage allows you to take advantage of what the Spanish job market has to offer. Ported employees increase their autonomy. Although they work independently, they are not alone when running their business. Of course, they have to look for their clients. But the portage company takes care of all the administrative tasks and tax-related matters.

Working as an expatriate in Spain also helps gain credibility. The more assignments that workers do and complete, the more trust they will earn from client companies. The portage company also helps them to develop rapidly. In particular, the portage company offers:

  • Discussions with other experienced ported employees;
  • Professional training;
  • Assignment proposals;
  • Follow-up and legal assistance;
  • Professional liability insurance, etc.