Because of its exceptional natural beauty, Alaska is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. And many other people want to work here, especially because there are so many job opportunities in the region. Wage portage is an attractive option for working in Alaska, while also benefiting from solid social protection as in France. 

The job market in Alaska

In the summer, the tourist industry has a great need for workers due to the influx of visitors. Numerous independent workers come to offer their services in hotels, restaurants, resorts and travel agencies as tour guides, translators, photographers and so on.

The demand is also strong in the transport, fishing and seafood processing, mining and oil industries. Qualified people are also needed to teach in rural areas.

Web platforms are the first place to look when searching for a job in Alaska. But it’s also a good idea to search the local newspapers online.

Conditions for working in Alaska

Foreigners coming to work in Alaska must have a round-trip ticket and a certain amount of dollars, which varies depending on whether the applicant is seeking temporary or permanent employment. Customs officials require proof that applicants have met these requirements before authorizing them to cross from Canada to Alaska.

However, conditions in Alaska are less than ideal, for several reasons:

  • The cost of living is very high in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
  • Unemployment in Anchorage exceeds the national average, while the pace of job growth is slow.
  • Apart from the very short summer season, Alaska is subject to inclement weather, with temperatures falling to -20°C in winter. As a result, residents prefer to remain in their homes.
  • The village atmosphere in a predominantly rural area doesn’t necessarily appeal to city dwellers who are used to the hustle and bustle, the large stores, and other features of city life.
  • Experts in the Alaskan market recommend starting with a seasonal job or going on vacation to become familiar with the environment and its specific features, and to get an idea of the job opportunities there before taking on a permanent job.

The advantages of wage portage for expatriate consultants

Wage portage differs from other methods of independent work in that it is a hybrid between entrepreneurship and salaried employment. This gives you total freedom to choose your assignments, set your fees and manage your schedule. At the same time, it gives you access to comprehensive social protection, and the portage company handles the administrative tasks and offers you customized support.

By choosing a portage company based in France, ported employees continue to benefit from the social security coverage for French employees during their entire assignment in Alaska. This includes health insurance, mutual health insurance, provident insurance, pension contributions, unemployment benefits and professional liability insurance.

With wage portage, you don’t need to set up a separate legal entity, especially in a country where the legislation differs from France. The portage company provides the structure and security necessary for working independently, while handling the administrative tasks for the consultant.

Ported employees are also guaranteed a monthly salary corresponding to the agreed minimum. Even if the client has not paid their invoice, the portage company is obliged to pay ported employees a remuneration based on the daily hourly rate agreed with each client and the number of hours worked on the client’s behalf.