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The world of work is changing and is having a radical effect on company practice, employee skills and on society overall. In developing its operations, the Missioneo Group has set up a research project devoted to alternative forms of work and the need to support individuals who choose such alternative career paths.

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The aim is to understand and to measure the social, organisational and psychological impact of new forms of work. This will lead to the creation of new legal, technological and organisational measures to reinforce the efficiency and personal development of the men and women who choose to work in a different way.

A strong vantage point

The Missioneo Group has over 3,000 employees in its umbrella structure ITG Le Portage Salarial, which gives it a strong vantage point from which to make a close study of contemporary social, structural and organisational changes which affect work in France.

This aim is not unrelated to the company’s main activity, and complements all ITG’s operations undertaken by its « research-action » section since 2002, when it began working on developing a new form of work that gives working people a status which falls between being salaried and being totally independent.

At the beginning of 2012, ITG and other umbrella companies for independent workers had no legal framework for their operations. Because of this, ITG devoted its energies to introducing a new relationship between umbrella companies and their “salaried” staff. The idea was to show that an umbrella company is a viable solution (in terms of the relationship and the services provided) and to outline the conditions for its sustainability.

A mission to research and innovate

This « mission » of research and innovation in the field of the Humanities and the Social Sciences underlines the Group’s strategy to promote alternative career paths (ITG – Missioneo Group), to support and train professionals and organisations (Trajectoires Missioneo), to provide its consultants with the relevant tools and technology (Missioneo), and to create a think tank on the world of work – both a cradle of ideas and a space for interactive exchange (Fondation Travailler autrement).

The concept of the umbrella company as a provider of an alternative form of work is at the root of this project, which aims at finding the best ways to support new alternatives and the individuals who choose them in a changing world. To this end, the Group decided to set up an internal research team. One of its main objectives is to formalize knowedge provided by all the members of the Missioneo Group and to energize them to take an active part in the process of knowledge-gathering.


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