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ANNICK HEUGA – Head of the Missioneo Laboratory

Annick Heuga is the HR Development Director of ITG Group and the Director of Operations of Trajectoires Missioneo.

She holds a qualification from Arts et Métiers (an engineering and research school of graduate studies) as Training Projects Manager, and holds the title of Occupational Trainer for Adults, granted by the Ministry of Labor. She specializes in training services and support for independent professionals.

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Annick Heuga has had years of hands-on experience in HRM and in support of executives transitioning towards consultancy, as well as experience setting up a return-to-work support program. All this has led her to enter the field of new forms of work.

It is her aim to integrate the latter into HRM and, more widely, into general thinking about mobility, changing careers and employability, as well as the employment of seniors and forward planning of careers and skills within the framework of internal company agreements concerning health in the workplace.

Her aim is to create conditions allowing people to adapt, to be more flexible and mobile, and gradually to bring about structural and organizational changes that both benefit the employers and also meet the aspirations of skills-holders.

This almost always involves collaboration with public and private enterprises and with organizations that work in the fields of labor, skills management and social dialogue.

As a member of the Fondation Travailler autrement, whose vocation is to foster debate on new forms of employment and work, Annick Heuga is involved on a daily basis with improving the lives of people involved in new forms of work. This covers changes in the relationship to work, employment solutions and issues related to the economic value for the country.

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