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Andrés Dávila - Associate researcher*

Andrés Dávila is teacher and researcher in the teaching staff of ESCE (a Paris business school that is part of the INSEC Group) where he heads up two specializations: « International People Management »  and « Well-being at Work & HRM ».

He also coordinates research for (a platform for evaluation and development) for whom he helped to create digital and innovatory HR tools.

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Before joining the academic world, Andrés Dávila worked and lived in USA, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Ecuador. He has held several posts in company management, higher education and research.

Andrés Dávila is a psychologist with a PhD in management. His research fields are international HR management and organizational behaviors. He has authored several academic articles and books in the fields of international management, skills evaluation and new technologies. His fields of research often concern discourse analysis in its many forms (websites, annual company reports, terminology, etc.).

* Associate researcher for the Laboratoire Missioneo is a title given to all those reseachers, titular or not, who, because of their scientific and educational activities, are called on to take part in the activities and work of the laboratory (research projects with external financing, collective writing of articles and books, organising and taking part in seminars and days devoted to doctoral studies, etc.). Associate researchers may be affiliated to another teaching organisation. They receive no remuneration as associate researchers except if this is justified as being in the interest of the Laboratoire and is approved by the laboratory council.


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